Patient Education

Welcome to our patient education page. Here you will find some videos on dental conditions and dental procedures.  

Contact us with any questions you may have as we want to make your visit to Hurst Dental Health a more

pleasant and informative experience.

As a member of Spear Faculty Club, we are able to offer you educational videos. Take a look at these videos we have provided for your convenience.

Dental Hygiene

Proper Toothbrushing Technique
Proper Flossing Technique
Proper Brushing Hurst dental Health.png
Proper Flossing Hurst Dental Health.png

Dental Conditions

Gingivitis Hurst Dental Health.jpg
Periodontitis Hurst Dental Health.jpg
Cracked Tooth
Cracked Tooth Hurst Dental Heath.jpg
Progression of Decay
Progression of Decay Hurst Dental Health
Single Tooth Loss
Single Tooth Loss Hurst Dental

Dental Procedures

Composite Filling
Whitening Hurst Dental Health.jpg
Composite Filling Hurst Dental
Crown Hurst Dental Health.jpg
Filling Vs. Crown
Filling Vs Crown Hurst Dental Health.jpg
Bridge Vs. Implant
Bridge Vs Implant.jpg
Screw Retained Implant
Screw Retained Implant Hurst Dental Heal

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